Is This What you'd like to Achieve with your Renovation? You Might Want To Read This

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Are you looking to transform your living room and kitchen area into something more open concept (like this?). If you think a renovation can easily turn your existing space into something more modern like this one, think again 💥. There are many structural considerations that need to be assessed before your builder can say “yes” to creating a space like this one through a renovation. 🤔 Will the current structure of your home be up to the task? 🤔 Are there any structural challenges like load bearing walls or beams that may prevent this from being “truly” open concept? 🤔 How much will this cost? Discussing the questions above with your builder will give better clarity as to what is realistically possible with a renovation. If more cards are stacked against this option, it might be worthwhile to consider a knock down rebuild. For more tips, drop us an email on [email protected]