When should I engage a builder?

A builder should be engaged as soon as possible in the building process. At Warrington Homes we will project manage the whole build and ensure the builder is involved from the design stage of the process.

How do I coordinate the building of our new home?

Warrington Homes can take the hard work out of building your home by taking control of the logistics for you. From demolition of the current premises to design and planning, all the way through to the end of the build.

What credentials should I look for when engaging a builder?

It is essential that any trade engaged to work on site has all the required licences and necessary insurance. At Warrington Homes we only work with proven trades that can handle the work and meet the required criteria.

Should we rebuild or renovate?

We can help you decide what’s best based on your budget and lifestyle needs.

We live in the city on a small block but need more room. How do we resolve this?

Warrington Homes works with designers and trades who are experts in high density living. We know how to make the most of your current space and achieve the results you are looking for.

What if our project goes over budget?

Warrington Homes guarantees a project time frame and budget, so there is no reason to worry.

How To Get Started?

At Warrington Homes, personal service starts with the planning and ends with the keys! We’ll be involved in every step of the process.


Concept drawings and cost opinions.

Draft plans and town planning details.

Contract documentation and administration.

Demolition contractors and construction contractors.

Michael Warrington as overseer of project.

Co-ordination of landscaping if required.